Email Marketing

One of the most effective and affordable service for any brand to consider is Email marketing. It is a form of direct marketing that uses Email as a means of commercial communication to the prospects of the brands. When a brand sends an email to a customer, it not only sends information, it sells as well. At 2digital, we outperform our peers in resonating the brand value by campaigning the most meaningful and resourceful information that in turn gains quality sales at all levels. Email marketing is the easiest way to reach mobile audience these days while keeping prospective customers informed about the brand and its next moves.

With lots of buzzing e-commerce products, our essential coupon based campaigns are niche crafted to pull the plethora of customers to the brand and help establish the vital relationship. With Our clients pouring from various niche backgrounds, such as design, application development, technology, e-Commerce. We at 2digital are privileged to help our clients get the best email campaign that pushes their sales and helps to maintain a streamlined corporate relationship with them because for 2digital, it’s not just about elite service, it's about client relationship.

Our Email Marketing operations include

  • Understanding target audience
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Template design
  • Content curation
  • Tracking & Reporting